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a peaceful silence after tough challenges
a peaceful silence after tough challenges
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it’s time to dive into music

this has been an important year for me, two great tours:
“from the Roots in the Right Direction” – Canada – 6034 km from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast with a bicycle & a guitar
“EnjoyWild” – Italy – from North to South, where Art meets Adventure

so much happened along the way, I’ve written a diary of these experiences
and collected the best press articles about them.
so many memories in my eyes, some are here in pictures .

this playlist with my best tunes has been done for you,
soon I’ll go back to the studio to record something new.
now, surrounded by a peaceful silence, in a small village in the North of Germany, it’s the moment for me to spend time with my guitar & piano for new ideas and dive into this amazing emotion called, music.

anytime you can check my new official website or follow me on the below social links.

deeply convinced that, We All Are One & Stronger Together
with a smile, stay always up on your journey
I’ll keep you tuned

Antonio Piretti TOZ

a peaceful silence after tough challenges 1

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