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intro new album release #Stronger – cool mood and music vibes
intro new album release #Stronger – cool mood and music vibes
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the new album is ready, let’s rock it !

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these new tunes are now ready for you, enjoy them..

idea behind the song

1 HEROES: about life, words & vows have a value, the good sooner or later will win.
2 ANOTHER PLACE FOR US: about the refugees, more in general for all the people who are looking for a better place to settle down.
3 TOGETHER: when there’s love in a couple, 2 people who are trying their best for a better way.
4 YOU HAVE BEEN THE ONE: for the Professor with whom I discussed my University thesis.. in general for all those people who have given us something special along our journey.
5 WE ALL ARE ONE: written the day after the terroristic attack at the Bataclan in Paris.. we’d be stronger together and respect the others, learning how to live as roommates of the same planet.
6 E’ TUTTO IN UN SI: when you say to yourself “yes, come on, let’s do it”.. this is how everything begins..and if you think about a young girl who after a previous not good experience, wants to try again to believe in love.
7 QUELLA SCHEDA ERA LA MIA: it’s weird when people always complain about politicians.. but they don’t realize that if politicians are there somebody voted them.. it’s much better to put attention when we express out vote.

let me know what you think
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Canadaintro new album release #Stronger - cool mood and music vibes 1

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